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Anti-spill Lid

Design challenge

"Jack* needs to be able to carry

a drink from A to B without spilling it"

* The co-designer will be called Jack in all documents, this is not his real name due to privacy.

Context mapping study

In this first phase of the project, the group conducted contextual research to gain a better understanding of the situation and context of the co-designer.

Jack Persona yellow.jp2


In the second phase the design team worked in close cooperation with the co-designer on the design process.

Idea generating

Started brainstorming and collecting our first ideas, worked on defining the problem to solve as precise as possible.


After problems to solve were defined, the group started ideating on solutions for those.

3 COncepts

Ideation led to 3 different concepts that would solve different problems.

Final concept

Choosing a final concept to continue detailing until finished. 


After all design phases where completed, different prototype iterations are made in order to develop the final prototype.

IMG_3425 2.HEIC
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